Playboy's Sand Bunnies Hit Chicago

Beach volleyball players turned Playmates to compete in Chicago this weekend

Barely naked Playboy models playing in the sand.

That's what's in store this weekend at Oak Street Beach, where two September issue Playboy models -- known to salivating onlookers as Team Gorgeous -- will be competing in the AVP's Chicago Open.

The team  -- comprised of college friends Michelle More and Suzanne Stonebarger -- are actually pro volleyball players first, models second. But when Playboy came calling, they answered.

"We talked to the people at Playboy and just wanted to make sure it was a classy and athletic spread and just showed us as athletes and not just as sexy female bodies," More said. "Once we got those assurances, we were really happy and excited about it and thought it was a good opportunity."

Topless women hugging each other? Totally athletic.

Unlike other female athletes who get criticized for playing up their sex appeal without producing on the playing field (Anna Kournikova anyone?), Team Gorgeous is actually pretty good, consistently ranking in the Top 10 on the AVP Tour.

And let's face it, beach volleyball doesn't exactly shy away from the sexy factor.

"We run around in little bikinis all the time and our sport is sexy no matter how you try to brush it off, so we try to embrace it and go about it in a classy manner," More said.

Note that the AVP's big sponsor is Crocs, and if these gals can sport Crocs and still manage to keep their sex appeal -- then that's really saying something.

The AVP beach volleyball action begins on Thursday at Oak Street Beach. The men's final is scheduled for Saturday and the women's final on Sunday. Click here for schedule and ticket information.

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