Plan for Election Day Parties Now

Everyone is talking about it.  What if hometown hero Barack Obama wins on Nov. 4?  What if he loses?  Either way, no one likes to think about it, but the idea of post-sporting event championship-like rioting has been discussed privately around water coolers and publicly in newspaper columns.

Chicagoist called the $2 million Grant Park election night rally ''Obamapalooza.''

Luckily, Mayor Daley's already figuring out a security plan for the event, which unsurprisingly has a waiting list to attend. 

If you just can't bear the idea of rubbing shoulders with at least one million of your fellow Chicago neighbors, even though this night could go down as one for the history books, there are plenty of other celebrations around town. 

We've already talked about some of the election night dining deals in the city.

And the 312 Dining Diva and have both rounded up a list of Election Night parties where you can celebrate all night or drown your sorrows.

Don't forget to vote; early voting ends Thursday at 5 p.m.  If you can't make it to early voting, we'll see you at the polls Nov. 4.

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