Piranha Pizza Wheel

Slice your pie with this badass kitchen tool


BITE ME: Show pizza whose boss by slicing it up with this piranha pizza wheel. Made of stainless steel with a high-density plastic handle, it’s one ravenous beast -- we’re referring to the pizza wheel, not you. Calm down. Available at the MCA Chicago Store; 220 East Chicago Ave., 312.280.2660.

HORNY BOOKWORM: The Impala Bookends with bone inlay, bronze rivets and oxidized copper in cast metal become a standout center piece for a bookshelf. Now you just need to buy some actual books so people think you read. Available at Tabula Tula.

NAUGHTY BY NATURE: Those who have a track record of losing their purse in the bar once the drinks start flowing will be pleased to discover the chic leather ID Pocket Necklace with brass studs that slips around the neck like a piece of statement jewelry. When you wake up in the morn with it still draped around you, credit cards intact, you’ll thank us. Get it at Claflin Thayer and Co.

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