Pig in a Box

Smoke Daddy offers instant pig party to go

There's two types of people in the world -- those who salivate at the sight of a whole pig roasted to its succulent juicy goodness -- and those who don't. Then there's a sub-group -- those who don't mind digging into Porky, but would rather not see him propped up on a stick with an apple in his mouth.

Those folks will be glad to hear about Smoke Daddy Rhythm and BarBQue's latest deal, the "Pig in a Box" party to go.

For $48 you get four sections of baby back ribs, eight spare ribs, six rib tips, one pound of pork, six buns and two pints of side items (sweet potato fries, hand cut fries, smoked pit beans, coleslaw, piece of cornbread, veggie of the day, homemade BBQ chips, mac-n-cheese).

In other words, for less than 50 bucks, you can be the hero of your tailgate, football draft or just about any party you attend.

We can already hear the squeals of delight -- at least that's what we think those squeals are.

Smoke Daddy Rhythm and BarBQue, 1804 West Division, (773) 772-6656

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