PHOTOS: Zac Efron Visits NBC

Zac Efron hits Chi-Town to promote his newest movie, Charlie St. Cloud.

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Kate Allt/NBC Chicago
High School Musical star Zac Efron stopped by NBC Tower Thursday to promote his new movie, Charlie St. Cloud.
Kate Allt/NBC Chicago
The 22-year-old actor talked to NBC 5's LeeAnn Trotter about his new role as a man overcome with grief at the death of his younger brother.
Kate Allt/NBC Chicago
"The core of the story is about brothers, and I sorta thought about what it would be like if my little brother had passed and what it would be like," Efron said.
Kate Allt/NBC Chicago
"I got to turn my cell phone off for a couple months. Kinda just didn't really keep in touch with my friends. I told them first, of course. I really removed myself."
Kate Allt/NBC Chicago
"Recently things have opened up, y'know, I just started a production company that's opened so many doors in terms of really being proactive and a creative force," Efron said. "The past couple months have been great."
Kate Allt/NBC Chicago
Efron also showed his humorous side, saying of his High School Musical days "I can do a kick flip still, if I had a board. It's a big deal, a kick flip."
Kate Allt/NBC Chicago
"For me the challenge is, like for many actors, staying relevant."
Kate Allt/NBC Chicago
Charlie St. Cloud comes out in theaters July 30.
Kate Allt/NBC Chicago
As the interview concluded, Efron's management rushed him from the studio.
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