PHOTOS: ‘The Voice’ Auditions

Aspiring singers line up to try out for "The Voice" at Navy Pier.

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Rose-Ann Aragon
We took our cameras to Navy Pier to get a feel for some of the singers auditioning for The Voice and how they decided to give it a try.
Rose-Ann Aragon
Christina Melgouz | 17, Wheeling
n"I love singing. I love music. I want to share my gift to the world."
Rose-Ann Aragon
Brittney Mills | 23, Iowa
n"I want to sing, and I want to win."
Rose-Ann Aragon
Courtney Mills | 20, Bloomington
n"I'm doing this for my sister. I've never done this before."
Rose-Ann Aragon
Sam Misigara | 19, Peoria
n"I'm nervous. I've wanted to pursue this for quite a while."
Rose-Ann Aragon
Bobby Ford | 18, Saint Louis, MO
n"I tried out for American Idol twice. This show seems much more realistic. It's not so much about the look."
Rose-Ann Aragon
April Apger | 24, Calumet, MI
n"I've dreamed of becoming a singer since I was three years old."
Rose-Ann Aragon
Obed Lologo, 21, Independence, MO
n"I'm going to do something with my life...make my dreams come true."
Rose-Ann Aragon
Mare Jennings | 38, Columbus, OH
n"I've been in music for years, and it's time to step out of the local scene and try something bigger. I want to be a rockstar."
Rose-Ann Aragon
Jessica Clark | 20, Lisle
n"Why not try?"
Rose-Ann Aragon
Kevin Kern | 37, Chicago
n"Why am I here? I'm chasing down a dream."
Rose-Ann Aragon
Nikki Dizon | 26, Chicago
n"I love singing, and the concept of The Voice is so different from any other show."
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