Perfect Pedicure for a Fishy Foot Fetish

Aurora Salon Offers Fish Pedicures

People will go to great lengths to stay on top of the new trends, but a new service in Aurora is bound to raise a few curious eyebrows.

For the past week, Cat's Scratch Nails (567 S Route 59) has been offering fish pedicures. It's exactly what it sounds like. The customer puts their feet in a bath with around 100 garra rufa fish, and the fish flock to the dead skin and eat it.

Owner Mya Doan said she first got the idea a few months ago when a customer told her he saw a story about a Virginia salon that offers the unique service.

"He was like you should do it, and I was like, I don't know. It sounds kind of crazy," Doan said.

Doan has had the fish for a couple of months, but it took some time to figure out the right health and safety requirements. The water is drained from the tank after each treatment, it's rinsed in ethanol alcohol and placed under UV lights.

But before offering it to the public, it even took Doan a moment to get used to it.

"I was freaked out at first. I tried it on my hands and it tickled. The feeling is really strange. A couple of weeks ago I tried it on my feet and I couldn't stop laughing," Doan said. "The fish go in between your toes, around your toes and under your cuticles."

The treatment costs $45 for 30 minutes of the fish treatment, followed by a regular pedicure. Doan says the fish exfoliate the skin, making it softer.

Doan says she's been getting a lot of calls and appointments for the treatment, but can only do four at a time.

Call (630) 898-2805 for more information. Your feet will thank you.

Click here to listen to a podcast interview with owner Mya Doan.

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