Part-Time Attorney, Part-Time Drug Smuggler

Attorney delivered pot to courtroom holding cells

Many drug dealers cover their tracks by holding their transactions in out-of-the-way places away from public view. But one not-too-bright criminal made his deal near, of all places, a courtroom.

Dave Compton, a 60-year-old defense attorney, was arrested Wednesday afternoon after he sold a mix of marijuana and tobacco for $250 to an undercover officer outside a courtroom at 26th and California, according to authorities.

An investigation began last week after an inmate was caught with a small amount of marijuana mixed with tobacco while in a holding cell. The inmate pointed the finger at another inmate's girlfriend, who in turn implicated Compton.

The girlfriend would hide cellophane tubes containing the drugs in her underwear, enabling her to pass through the courthouse's metal detectors. Once inside, she would give the mix to Compton.

Compton admitted to delivering the drugs to inmates at least five times and said the girlfriend paid him $250 each time.

Compton has been charged with possession of cannabis, delivery of cannabis, and bringing contraband into a penal institution. Bail was set Thursday at $75,000.

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