Parking Meter Failures

If you haven't noticed, since the fumbly transition of parking meter power to the private sector, more meters are breaking and more tickets are being written. Is that going to stop me from parking at meters? Probably not, but it will stop a lot of other folks from doing it. They're also going the extra mile to make the enforcers aware of malfunctions in hopes of avoiding a ticket, just like the sign on the photo above. Did it work in this case? Nope. The meter maid reset the meter, then wrote a ticket because "it had expired."


There's some good reading that I recommend on the parking meter front. Specifically from an NBC5 original, Carol Marin, who penned this gem in Sunday's Sun-Times.

**As for my own battle with the meter maids, I have THREE, count em, three tickets in the appeals process because of the broken meters and the negligence of the maintenence company that's supposed to fix them. I'm a competitor, I hate to lose. So I'll keep you posted.

**Jon Hilkevitch wrote about the NAVTEQ life (it's not always this glamorous) and how we gather traffic info. Take a peek and find out for yourself

**So somebody suggested today in the chatroom (that would be Chat With Matt, weekday mornings at 5:30am on that I should be on The Bachelor. Flattered, but no thanks. Name one of those contestants that has done something positive with their acting career or entertainment profile, etc. Aside from Jesse Palmer (who's now among the top college football analysts for ESPN) successful "Bachelors" are few and far between. Am I wrong?

Sure the 25 women thing would be fun, but 24 of them hate you in the end anyway.

**Bruce Willis got married to a smoking hot model over the weekend and in the story on our newscast, Zoraida's paraphrased copy read "bad news for ladies out there..."

I'm pretty sure he's not on the top 5 list for most women. Maybe in 1988, hell maybe even when Armaggedon was out a decade ago, but not now.

**Traffic was light today, then it started raining and the roads got ugly. Grab that umbrella and enjoy your "blah" of a Monday!

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