On Last Weekend’s Open House Chicago

On this episode, learn how to spruce up your outdoor space with a few accessories and tools you already own. Interior designer and DIY guru Frank Fontana shows us how (Watch video above). Next, homeowner Jacqui Cherry shows us around her rustic yet refined English country estate (Watch video below). Then, Southport Grocery owner Lisa Santos shows us a home she renovated with her husband to create a simple and clean atmosphere within an industrial structure (Watch video below). Later, homeowner Debbie Murphy takes us through her luxe River North penthouse (Watch video below). Finally, watch as Libby Langdon transforms a outdated eighties living room into a retro chic space (Watch video here).

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This episode of Open House was hosted from Luminaire at 301 W Superior St, Chicago, IL. For more information, please call 312.664-9582 or visit the Website.

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