Old School Grooming for Guys

State Street Barbers keeps it traditional

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It's not uncommon for the ladies to enjoy a spa day with all the requisite pampering involves with that. But what about the fellas?

The upscale man -- you know, the kind of guy who doesn't clean his fingernails with a knife -- knows the value of getting a quality haircut and a shave.

Decades before the term "metrosexual" was even coined, old-fashioned barberhops blazed the trail for quality men's grooming.

In Chicago, State Street Barbers is continuing the classic barbershop traditions. It was started by two Northwestern business students who realized that nobody was offering the salon-type experience specifically targeted toward men.

There's three locations in Chicago, but your first clue that this IS indeed your grandfather's barbershop is the blue and red swirling spindle outside. And once inside, the experience continues with dark wood floors and Sinatra-era tunes on the sound system.

Settle into your chair and get a haircut with a shampoo and conditioning, a beard trimming or a hot lather shave with a straight-edge razor -- not something you want to place in the hands of a novice.

Then walk away and face the world feeling a little bit more like a man.

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