Time for the Presidential Polka

'International Queen of Polka' singing Obama's tune

So, we just learned about VlastaChicago’s self proclaimed “Polka Queen.” Actually, she calls herself the “International Queen of Polka.”  Semantics aside, Vlasta was on WBBM radio the other day, touting her newest polka inspired by President-elect Barack Obama.

It’s called “The American Dream Polka,” and Vlasta sings: “Come all and join the dream of our country that’s for you and me, and you’ll start with President Barack Obama who believes we’ll build together again the American dream. Yeah!”

We thought it was a little weird, until we did some poking around. Turns out that Vlasta isn't the only one composing political polkas. We found a treasure-trove on YouTube.

Sorry Vlasta, but our new favorite is “I’m in Love with Sarah Palin” by Joe and the Plumbers. (No joke.) We’re still laughing at (or, hopefully, with?) these guys.

...And they're still singing. After the loss, they composed "I'm Still in Love with Sarah Palin."

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