Obama Cracks, Says St. Louis Pizza Is Best Ever

Move calls President's culinary judgment into question

OK, President Obama. We trusted you. We believed in you. And now, you go and betray us.

You billed yourself as Chicago through-and-through -- a South Sider with a real love for the city and its people. And then you're quoted saying a St. Louis pizza is the best you've ever eaten.

Excuse us, but are you insane?

St. Louis is thin crust pizza. Maybe, just maybe if you'd said Imo's was your favorite pizza outside of Chicago, we could have overlooked it. But instead you pick a math geek's attempt at deep dish -- pies that are even named after Chicago neighborhoods -- but who doesn't have the sausages to compete with the big boys in Chi-town.

What about Gulliver's, or Gino's East, or Pizano's, Malnati's or even Giordano's?

So now you've invited the owner of this too-wittily named Pi to the White House for a big pizza party. Swell. Next thing you know, you'll invite a guy from Albuquerque who has the best Italian beef you've ever tasted.

We hate to say it, but we now have serious doubts about your judgment.

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