What Chicagoans Want for Christmas

Some familiar faces offer a peek at their Christmas lists.

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CelebTV.com entertainment correspondent Kelli Zink is all about the Zot V Gold Nooka watch this season. "I'm crazy about being punctual so this Nooka watch is perfect. It's unusual and reminds me to follow the golden rule: Treat others as you want to be treated."
Nightlife guru Billy Dec is always happy giving or receiving gift certificates to the Peninsula Spa. "It's like being transported to another world -- massages, pool, steam -- total relaxation and rejuvenation. Then maybe down to the lobby for tea w/ violins in background or the gourmet chocolate buffet. It's the perfect getaway without having to leave town!"
Radikah Desai
Radhika Desai, former "Top Chef" contestant, put a Nintendo Wii Fit Bundle on her Christmas wish list. "It'll help me shed those holiday gravy pounds!" she says.
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We're sensing a theme here. Current Luvabull and Miss Illinois 2009, Ashley Bond, also has a Wii Fit on her Christmas wish list.
NBC Connecticut
Rick Gresh, executive chef at David Burke's Primehouse, is a big New York Rangers fan and wants a baseball cap with fleece flaps to keep his ears warm, similar to this one. We couldn't find a Rangers version, so we'll suggest the Taselhoff. That'll teach you for rooting against the Hawks in the United Center!
Chicago restaurateur Jerry Kleiner is dropping a strong hint to that special person in his life to get him a pair of UGG Byron Chocolate Brown slippers. He likes the comfort, style and of course, the warmth.
Chicago native Reggie Brown, a Barack Obama impersonator who currently resides in L.A. "One of the items on my Christmas list is the new Bank on Obama savings bank. Whether you're a child or adult, it is the perfect gift and promotes the positive and essential practice of saving. And yes, I personally approve of this message."
Susanna Negovan, Editor in Chief of Michigan Avenue Magazine, has several things on her wish/give list:

My husband: After a Labor Day weekend motorcycle accident that broke his back, my marathon-running hubby has been sidelined for months. He's feeling better and ready to get back to the gym, so one of the things he'll find under the tree is a Vita-Mix 5200. It's the gold-standard used at health food shops and smoothie bars, with blades that go 240 miles per hour so you can create super-healthy whole fruit and veggie juices. And yes, he did ask for a blender for Christmas!
My girlfriends: For about five years now we've all been addicted to Hanky Panky panties, which cost about $20 per pair but are the most comfy (and totally adorable) brand on the market -- until now. Victoria's Secret has introduced The Lacie Panties, which come in 30 candy-bright colors and are just as fabulous, at about half the price. Set of three, $30.
For me: I first met Chicago-based jewelry designer Lana Bramlette eight years ago when she had just launched her line (now, she's carried in 150 stores nationwide including Neiman Marcus). My husband knows to call Lana whenever there's a birthday, anniversary or holiday so I have dozens of her pieces (including my wedding band, which she custom made). Best of all, her light-as-air gold jewelry is made to be layered, so the more the merrier! Right now, I'm wild about her cross necklace with diamonds, $1135.
Marc Brooks, owner of Hyde Park hot spot Park 52, would love to receive this Fireplace Hearth. "I know, pretty boring, right? Let's just say I pretty much buy myself the things I want throughout the course of the year, but the important things around the house I often forget, so it's gifts like these that matter the most."
Designer Anna Hovet, a resident of the Fashion Incubator, believes she'll look pretty fashionably functional in these Earmuffs Headphones.
"I'd look super cute, keep my ears warm on my long walk to the Blue Line, and dance all at the same time!"
Jason Erkes, president of Chicago Sport and Social, wants a Sony Party Shot Automatic Photographer -- and of course, the corresponding camera to go with it. "It sits on a stand and automatically scans the room, finds faces, and takes photos for you. Its one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Like having a photographer at every event."
Not surprisingly, DJ Jesse De La Pena has been eyeing DJ Hero. "I'm not a gamer and I don't even have a system, but I must say this has sparked a curiosity in me."
Jon Cotay, one of the founders of AKIRA clothing stores is giving some of his guy friends Dorsia cardigans. "It's very versatile. You can make an outfit dressy or casual by taking old t-shirts, dressing it up a bit and it's comfortable."
Chicago Bliss running back and NBC Fitness Team member Saran Dunmore has her eye on the Panasonic HD HS300 video camera. "I'm always shooting exercise videos, so why not do it in HD?"
Cara Carriveau, midday host on 101.9 fm The MIX, suggests Rock Band as the perfect gift for the entire family. "I have a 4- and 14-year-old, and it's something we can all enjoy together. Plus, it's a good way to introduce them to the Beatles!"
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