Lego Surfer Hangs Ten at North Ave Beach

Nine foot board took roughly 30 hours to build

You don't see many surfers hanging ten over at North Avenue Beach, but a surfboard parked in the sand on Wednesday created a lot of attention.

Unlike the typical surfboard made of polyurethane and fiberglass, this sight was actually built of 30,000 Lego pieces.

"Definitely the biggest thing constructed out of Legos, probably more on the easy side. I've built more technical things like a Harry Caray bust, but it's the biggest model ever built," said Lego master builder Dan Morey.

Morey says the project took roughly 30 hours to stack the yellow and blue bricks to create the nine foot board.

But to make it easier on himself, he spent those hours building three separate pieces of the board, then another two hours to assemble it in the sand.

"It's completely solid," he says. You can take it out in the water."

The idea was to attract attention to Legoland Discovery Center's Memorial Day beach party in Schaumburg this weekend. But to Morey's dismay, kids on the beach Wednesday seemed to be more interested in the larger-than-life mascot, Buddy.

"He's funny," said 6-year-old Ryan Foot, of Indiana.

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