Nooka Watch

A non-traditional timepiece

NBC Bay Area

HANDS FREE: A bright and bold watch with a polyurethane band displays the hours as a progression of 12 dots. The Nooka Zub 20 is unisex and a fun accessory, even if it is a little hard to read after a few cocktails. Available at Nooka.

  RAINY DAY DUTY: Constructed of bamboo objects by Brazillian artisans, the Blow Up Umbrella Stand will add a decorative element to storing those much-needed umbrellas. Get it here.

FAIR-WEATHER FRIEND: The Sorel Caribou Boots with waterproof rubber bottoms and a Sherpa cuff  are good for snow, rain and everything in between, which is especially essential around these parts of town. Get them at JCrew.
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