No Need for Muumuus

H&M rocks a maternity line

If you or any of your loved ones has ever experienced the simultaneous joy and challenge of being great with child, you know how difficult it is to outfit the burgeoning Buddha belly that is the hallmark of pregnancy. Advice from Mom to ''wear your husband's work shirts, jeans, and buy a pair of overalls'' is well-intentioned, but come on – really? Overalls?  We don't think so. While pregnancy is a brief nine months, requiring maternity clothes for even less than that, you're going to want to look quasi-fashionable without breaking the bank. You might not know that the Michigan Avenue H&M store carries the store's maternity line, appropriately called ''Mama.'' A recent visit to the store turned up summery cargos, skirts, tanks and dresses – all maternity style – at the affordable H&M prices we've grown to love for their non-maternity items.  Check it out, pregos.

840 N. Michigan Ave.

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