New MCA Exhibition Headed to the Streets

Artist Jenny Holzer is known for pushing the envelope with language. Her newest Museum of Contemporary Art exhibition, "Jenny Holzer: Protect, Protect," challenges people's assumptions about the war in Iraq.

She uses LED signs to transmit information from government documents obtained on the Internet.

She also uses large scale silk screen paintings of blown up declassified documents, including a terrorism interrogation wishlist, and handprints of soldiers accused of war crimes.

While the subject matter is decidedly political, Holzer says it does not represent her opinion. She's just presenting the information so the audience can form their own opinions.

On Wednesday, October 29, some of her LED signs will be projected onto the MCA's facade.

Other projections are planned for the Lyric Opera Building, Tribune Tower and the Merchandise Mart through Nov. 2nd. Click here for more information on the exhibit.

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