New White Sox Training Facility: Awesome

Warning: Details on new Sox spring training home may cause envy, salivation

Spring training baseball (you know, the kind that doesn't happen for a few more agonizing months) is a rare treat. Not everyone can afford to get down to Arizona in March, and so the experience is one many fans rave about but few have the ability to experience.

In the past, White Sox fans visiting spring training went to a facility the Sox shared with the Arizona Diamondbacks, an OK place, we're sure -- baseball in Arizona in March is hard to beat regardless of venue -- but it was nothing special. That's not the case anymore. The White Sox and Jerry Reinsdorf are working on a brand new facility that, to be perfect honest, sounds incredible, and makes us want to immediately catch a plane to the desert:

The 141-acre facility the White Sox will share with the Los Angeles Dodgers already is the jewel of the Arizona spring training venues, even as crews work feverishly to prepare for the March 1 spring training opener between the two teams. The grounds also are very fan-friendly. While the landscaping has not been completed, it will include an orange grove and walking/bicycle paths throughout. There also are two ponds that will be stocked with fish.

Yes, yes and yes. On this incredibly cold Chicago day, picture yourself on the lawn in Arizona, fish swimming nearby, the sounds and smells of baseball wafting through the thin desert air. That, friends, sounds fantastic. It would sound fantastic without the fish ponds and orange groves, too ... but those don't hurt.

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