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Ridley Scott will present a film adaptation of Monopoly

Movies are based on a variety of inspirations: books, television series, video games, toys from the '80s, etc. But now, producer and director Ridley Scott (American Gangster, Gladiator, Alien) will be rolling the dice and hoping for doubles as he's set to direct a film adaptation of the board game Monopoly.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scott is thinking of giving the real-estate movie a futuristic luster like that of his other work, Blade Runner. Pamela Pettler (Monster House, Corpse Bride) has signed on to write the picture.

...Monopoly? Really? Unlike Clue, which is a game based around a plotline, or Risk, where the conflict is obvious, Monopoly just doesn't seem to have a dramatic edge to it.

"Well, yeah, it's about people trying to make money and screw each other (topical!), but what sort of dramatic arc can you write for your protagonist when said protagonist is a boot or a race car or a top hat?" says Hank Sartin of Time-Out Chicago.

Hasbro is collaborating with Universal on the film. And Monopoly isn't the only game they're considering taking to the big screen. Other projects already in pre-production include "Ouija Board" (The Exorcist, anyone?) and "Battleship" (Crimson Tide...?).

The Internet is already abuzz with lots of critics rolling their eyes at the board-game idea. I just want to know who will play the thimble.

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