Neglected Carriage Horses Relocated

Six horses siezed from a West Town property last month are getting a new lease on life.

The horses, which were taken from the J.C. Cutter Carriage Company in February, were relocated Tuesday morning to the Hooved Animal Humane Society, in Woodstock. 

After being evaluated and rehabilitated, the horses will be put up for adoption, through the humane society.

The siezure of the horses came on the heels of an announcement by another Chicago carriage company that it was closing it's doors -- hanging up the reins.

Dan Sampson, the owner of the Nobel Horse Carriage Company in Old Town, put the blame for the company's failure squarely on the city.

Sampson said that the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection shuttered two prime carriage staging locations on Michigan Avenue following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.  That sharply curtailed tourist access to the carriages and did irrepairable damage to the company's business.

The city has said that it will revisit the issue for the next carriage season, but that may be too late for many of the carriage companies.

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