The Beloved Pets of NBC 5 and Telemundo Chicago

As NBC 5 and Telemundo Chicago gears up for another year of Clear the Shelters, people around the newsroom shared pictures of some of their best, furry friends.

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NBC 5 Meteorologist Andy Avalos and his family have too many rescue animals to count! Pictured here is Mr. Winks, his special needs pup. "It's safe to say that my family loves pets. We've had them for as long as I can remember. Mr. Winks is one of the latest in our group. He's a special needs dog and you can figure out why we call him Mr. Wink—because he only has the one eye. We got him this way from the rescue, so we're not quite sure what happened to him or how he lost his eye, but he's a great addition to the family and life would be so empty without him."
Katie Kim, a reporter at NBC 5, and her family have had Roscoe for one year. "He has brought so much joy into our lives. There's nothing like coming home after a long day to his snuggles!"
Karla Leal, a reporter for Telemundo Chicago, and her husband adopted Nacho during the first NBC 5 and Telemundo Chicago "Clear the Shelters" campaign. "It's been three years since Nacho became a part of our family and we are so lucky to have him. He's loyal, loving, and it's fun to be around him," she said of her beagle pup.
Allison Rosati, a news anchor for NBC 5, said her dog Apollo is her family's favorite companion. "His adorable face, unconditional love and great listening skills make everyone's day better!"
Rob Stafford, an anchor at NBC 5, grew up with big dogs, but said of his Pomeranian, "When I was out sick last year, going through chemotherapy, our dog, Bear, was by my side every minute of the day. He is loyal and loving, you won't find a better friend."
Lisa Parker, consumer investigative reporter for NBC 5, said of her German Shepherd and Corgi mix, "Gloria Gaynor is the most loyal, regal, kind and gorgeous best friend I have had in my life. I cannot imagine what my life would have been like without this rescue BFF."
Alexandria Fisher, digital content producer for, rescued her Dutch Shepherd dog Shaw (named after former Blackhawks player Andrew Shaw) at Animal Care and Control in 2014. "He loves nothing more than his ball, snuggles, and training. He has been the most wonderful addition to our family. I couldn't imagine life without him!" she said.
Mike Berman, a sports reporter for NBC 5, said of his chocolate Australian Labradoodle, "Stanley isn't just my dog — he's my best friend and a beloved member of the family! His loyalty, kind heart and fun nature bring so much happiness to our house every single day!"
Chris Coffey, investigative reporter at NBC 5, has had his long-haired Dachshund, Sadie, for two years. He said she "brings the Coffeys a lot of joy. She loves to play fetch and take walks with her people."
María Elena Ponticiello, entertainment news reporter at Telemundo Chicago, is a self-proclaimed animal lover. She has two cats, Sophie and Seven, as well as her dog, Red. She said of her Irish Setter, "My husband and I were not familiar with this breed, until we got Red a year ago. He is very hyperactive, he wants to be jumping, running, and playing all day. These dogs are for active people that like the outdoors; he likes taking long walks, many of them in forest preserves."
Fatima Kelley
Anabel Monge, a news anchor at Telemundo Chicago, has two dogs, Kloii and Chester. Here, she is pictured with Chester, who is 10 years old, but she has had since he was a puppy. "They are simply the best, great companions and truly make life better. Chester is a sweetheart; he loves to cuddle and be by me all of the time."
Fatima Kelley
Susan Carlson, news reporter for NBC 5, has three "furry babies," as she calls her three cats, Arnold, Dexter, and Julio (pictured). She got her first cat, Arnold, from PAWS Shelter in Chicago, and rescued Dexter and Julio from a kill shelter two years ago. "All three are an important part of our family," she said.
Kye Martin, traffic anchor and reporter at NBC 5, and his family adopted Bo, "several years ago, when we met him at a fundraiser for Chicago Canine Rescue. His sad eyes captured our hearts!"
Courtesy of Brian Malarkey
Dick Johnson, an anchor and reporter at NBC 5, said of his dog, Summer," When you work nights as I do, Summer is often the only smiling face still awake when I get home. She is a devout practitioner of 'chillaxing' and a constant reminder that life is better with a daily dose of calmness and happiness."
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