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The best value is often found when something's in its most pure form, as evidenced by gold, maple syrup, and cocaine -- or Britney Spears before filling her body with all three.

Naked and Famous is distilling denim to its purest elements. From a visionary who sought to clean up a denim universe he saw cluttered with overwrought pocket designs, lame washes, and fringed jorts, N&F's taking denim back to its simpler roots with high quality raw fabric imported from Japan then stitched into no-frills glory in Canada, like Ichiro if he'd been banished to the Blue Jays.

Their unwashed fray-rejecting selvedge comes in various weights and colors ranging from 12oz organic indigo, 13oz black, 14oz dark green to heavier steez like the "workin' man's" 15oz "antique blue" and a heavy same weight deep indigo, which titter w/ delight when you wear them to Lilith Fair.

Varying fits include the SkinnyGuy, which carries a 9" rise and 14" leg openings (aggressive taper), the SlimGuy with a bigger rise and 16" legs, and a middle-splitting low-rise 14" WeirdGuy, the denim of choice for four out of five Yankovics.

Just to show they aren't opposed to shaking things up a little bit, N&F also dabble in creative blends like sleekly sheened 30% silk and an 8% cashmere that brings a little goat to your groin, an addition attributable to a certain Ms. Shears.

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