Mongo Home Opens in Bucktown

A joint venture from two of Chicago's most respected architectural salvage companies has resulted in a retail store with a story to tell. Mongo Home, which recently opened in Bucktown, is a treasure trove of home decor pieces from Architectural Artifacts and Urban Remains. While the parent companies feature architectural pieces in their natural state, Mongo Home will sell items that have already been refurbished.

Combining merch from Ravenswood's Architectural Artifacts, which specializes in items of interest from around the globe, and River West's Urban Remains, which exclusively offers American pieces sourced from industrial and commercial buildings and residences, Mongo Home features everything from European furniture from the 1800s to modernist pieces from the 1950s in its roomy loft space.

And while he could be considered vintage, Mongo Home is in no way related to Bears legend Steve "Mongo" McMichael. Mongo Home can be found at 1753 N. Damen Ave. Give them a ring at 773-486-6200.

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