Mom Nominee #3: Rosalyn Mendoza

Rosalyn Mendoza


Rose is a single mom of two children, Autumn, age 3 and Anthony, 18 months. She is a nurse who is always looking for Mr. Right and with Mr. Right nowhere to be found, she didn't want motherhood to pass her by. 

She decided to do something very unconventional; she chose donor sperm and enlisted the help of a fertility doctor and had her two children. Her story doesn't end here.

When she was pregnant with her 2nd child, she discovered a lump on her back. It turned out to be the worst thing expected: Cancer. At 17 weeks pregnant, she was given the option to terminate pregnancy to immediately start her cancer treatment, or continue with the pregnancy and induce at the earliest possible, viable time for the baby and start cancer treatment. 

Rose chose neither. 

She decided to have her baby boy, Anthony, full-term on 09-20-2010.The treatment plan was only radiation after one month of giving birth. When her baby was 2 weeks old, she discovered a lump in the same place. It was cancer returning. 

This changed her treatment plan to not only radiation but now included chemotherapy. She underwent 6 weeks of radiation and intense chemotherapy; all the while as a single mom with a newborn and a 2 year old. 

She came back to work in March, 2011 and amazingly back to her old self. In June, 2011, she felt a pain on her hip. She had it x-rayed and the x-ray showed cancer. She underwent a total hip replacement at age 42 and once again went through chemo and radiation. 

She came back to work in August , 2011, after her hip replacement, chemo and radiation. Throughtout all this, she maintained a sunny, positive attitude and a most caring mom of her two small children. 

She never treats herself to anything; not even the occasional manicure/pedicure. She never goes out to dinner or movies or anything to enjoy herself. If anyone deserves to win this Mother's Day Makeover, it's Rosalyn Mendoza.


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