Mine and Yours Coasters

A little separation never hurts

brent seabrook 23

HIS AND HERS: His and hers sinks; what a great invention, and the same holds true for these coasters. Made from industrial wool felt and stenciled with “yours” and “mine” makes it easier to keep your distance. $12. Available at Renegade Handmade; 1924 W. Division or online www.renegadehandmade.com

EXCULSIVE DRESS: Help support the Susan G. Komen foundation and score a one-of-a-kind frock while you’re at it with this exclusive auction. This Rebecca Minkoff dress was designed with inspiration from Orbit Mist’s latest fashion forward print campaign, but Minkoff was such a fan she incorporated a beige/black version into her Spring collection she showed on Monday. Proceeds support breast cancer. Hurry, auction ends today.
SCORE A SCARF: Added bonus to a purchase; get a free scarf when you buy any coat at Art Effect, now through September 20. Art Effect; 934 W. Armitage Ave; 773.929.3600 or online at  shoparteffect.com
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