Q & A: Michael Kors Talks Obamas, Puffer Coats, Banana Cream Pie

A chat with Michael Kors


On the occasion of his second store debut in Chicago, Michael Kors held court on the Obamas' fashion, his favorite Chicago indulgences, and how not to look like a Stay-Puft marshmallow man this winter.

Why open a store here, especially a second store steps away from the first?
It’s a city I love, it’s a town that appreciates quality a sense of understatement and clean lines. For us to have a double header in the 900 North shops is amazing.
Yeah they are. So when we're shopping, what are the essential key pieces for fall?
We’re always big on cashmere and double face fabrics. Lots of sleek silhouettes that are still sexy and make you feel skinny, but are also cozy. Fall is a great time for one shoulder dresses, but maybe here in Chicago the fabric is cashmere or tweed. So you kind of get to have your cake and eat it too. Sexy and cozy at the same time.
Speaking of, you think the Obamas have “fashioned up” Chicago?
The stylishness of the Obamas shows the world in fact how stylish Chicago really is.
How are we supposed to dress to the nines amidst slush, snow, and ridiculous winds all winter long… is it possible?
Absolutely. Layers, number one, are everyone’s best friend. Make sure the silhouette is fitted so you don’t look like a snowman. I love puffers I think they’re great. I think you have to remember when you’re wearing a puffer you’ve got to keep all the other pieces very fitted. Otherwise you’re going to look like Nanook of the North.
When you're not shopping, what’s your favorite Chicago indulgence?
Listen, I have to say, portions of food in Chicago are not small. So I would say could be the banana cream pie at Gibsons. That’s an indulgence. One slice is enough for ten.
Michael Kors Collection at The 900 Shops, 900 N. Michigan Ave., (312) 640-1122
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