Open House: 2010 Dream Home

Check out the ultimate in sophistication and eco-friendly design at the Merchandise Mart.

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Sherie M Williams
See the endless possibilities for elegant living in a home that's the ultimate in sophistication, comfort and eco-smart. The Dream Home 2010 showcase runs through December 10 at Chicago's Merchandise Mart. LXTV Video: Inside the Showcase
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This bathroom, on display at the Kohler Store, was designed around seclusion of mind and body. The arched wall is cocooning and creates a sense of calm. Discretely angled, the vanity wall emphasizes the intimacy of the space.
Drawing on the fundamental points visible from the doors of this exterior space, one can picture themselves entertaining family and friends or enjoying a private retreat experience of peaceful renewal by the waterfall feature.
When designing this Master Bedroom, the focus was on creating a personal retreat that balances masculine and feminine tones, organic and luxurious elements and a soothing color palette with bursts of color.
Inspired by a bygone era, Simeone Deary Design Group brought life to the dining room through modern interpretations of the fashion style of the 30s and 40s.
Layers of pattern, texture and color served as the take-off point for inspiration in the foyer. By creating a provocative transition from exterior to interior, the design was focused on the concept of "exaggerated reality."
Sherie M Williams
The Kitchen is the heart of a home – not just the central gathering place for family, but a key part of a welcoming, entertaining space for friends. THE NEFF design team's goal was to create a warm, inviting space for elegant gourmet cooking, very comfortable dining and enviable entertaining.
While the conventional wisdom of our generation has advocated that art be exhibited on a neutral white background, designers Alex Jordan and Dan Smieszny wanted to explore another possibility.
Sue Jefferies
The Sitting Room in the Dream Home 2010 is designed to be an informal, fashionable and comfortable spot to sit down and relax.
Melissa Fiorini
It is possible to have it all: high style, comfort, high quality and a high regard for the environment. High quality products with style that utilize intelligent design, conservation and recycling are the focus of this office designed by Tony Stavish.
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