Meet The Parents

Officially the strangest Dance Friday yet. At least for me. Let's set it up for you...

-A Fatboy Slim remix of "Brimful of Asha?" Check
-Ginger Zee in a really yellow coat? Check
-Rob and Zoraida with kids promoting a great charity? Check
-My parents showing up on the Plaza out of nowhere two minutes before the fun? Wait??

You got it. Jeff and Nancy rolled on by to join in the Dance Friday madness on a chilly gray May day (all rhymes!)! After nearly 32 years of marriage, they manage to find unique adventurous ways to amuse themselves. Mom was moving to the beat, Dad was...well...trying, and you know what? That was fine by me. My sister and I tried to stop him years ago. Didn't work then, why should it now? Still that put a smile on my face. What a surprise!! Afterwards, I spoke to her on the phone and Mom said, "I hope we didn't embarass you?"

Don't they know I do that on my own every week? Anyway, check out all the dancing here

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