Meet Your Next Roommate

Flatmate Meetup is one part speed dating, one part social networking

Who doesn't have a nightmare roommate story? Whether you're looking to split the rent or seeking a place to call home, finding that right person to share your pad (and the utilities and the contents of the fridge, etc.) is a scary proposition. Don't just answer any old Craigslist ad or flyer hung up at Starbucks. Now, you can meet potential cohabitants before signing on the dotted line with Flatmate Meetup, a social networking site that plans events to get future roommates face-to-face in the same room together.

Started in San Francisco as an offshoot of, Flatmate Meetup entered the Chicago market last summer. Currently, there are more than 200 active members seeking roommates on the site. The next meetup is planned for 8PM tomorrow night, Wednesday, April 8 at Easy Bar in Wicker Park. The event, which is open to everyone (RSVP by signing up on the site), is run similarly to a speed dating party -- you just show up, put on your nametag and mix and mingle over drinks (that way you can conveniently rule out any teetotaling roommates!). Flatmate Meetup staff will be on hand to help get conversations started. It's up to you to take it from there, but as the site declares, "It's like speed dating, but if it goes well, you sleep in separate beds."

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