The Great Crimp Comeback

Chicago salon delves into latest hair tend

From Gisele Bunchen to Jennifer Aniston, there always seems to be someone in particular that is sporting the hot hair look of the moment. But according to Chicago's Maxine Salon, the latest trend in hair channels a blast from the past -- the '80s.

Maxine creative director Amy Abramite says crimping -- that signature 80's hairstyle that graced every magazine just a few decades ago -- is becoming the hot new look for tresses, and she shows us exactly how to get the look.

“My new favorite tool is a small texturizing iron,” she says about the miniature crimper that looks like a flat iron but with triangular plates. The iron, which creats body and volume, can be directly applied to areas that need the most lift, like the crown, she says.

“To create extra body and volume, take small sections of hair at the scalp and crimp only the first inch of the hair. This will result in an explosion of lift, with the slightest change in texture. Because the crimping plates are so small, the hair's natural texture is slightly altered in appearance, but the amount of body is amplified.”

Although the look works on anyone, Abramite says the look is best achieved on those with fine, straight hair because it will significantly amp up the volume. “If you really want to get crazy with it you can crimp all of your hair, and then use that immense volume for an updo you’ll never forget,” adds Abramite.

After crimping, set the look with some hairspray or finishing spray and you're good to go. Try out the look by Abramite herself by making an appointment at the salon by calling 312.751.1511.

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