Martin Havlat Makes Blackhawks Fan a Millionaire

Goal at 10:00 mark gives lucky fan a fortune

The Blackhawks have a promotion you may not be aware of: When the hockey team scores a goal at the 10:00 mark of the second period, a $1 million prize is won by one lucky fan. Why? Because that lucky fan could be you, that's why, and if that minuscule possibility gets you to buy a ticket, well, why not? (Not to mention the fact that it's pretty fun.)

Last night, that miniscule possibility came true, as Hawks winger Martin Havlat scored the Hawks only goal in a 4-1 loss to the Minnesota Wild. The goal came at 10:00 exactly, and an announcement was held that a fan in 326 was now a millionaire, and could he or she please come down and receive the prize? As you'd imagine, there was no delay:

The winner met Havlat outside the Hawks locker room following the game and looked a bit stunned (go figure) as he thanked the Hawks winger. The Hawks are expected to introduce the lucky winner prior to Wednesday night's game against the St. Louis Blues at the United Center.

Yes, the fan is still unidentified, which means it could be you. No, just kidding. You would know if you had won $1 million. But it could be a family member, which almost as good -- they couldn't possibly tell you no to $100,000, right? You did send them a Christmas card this year, didn't you? Good.

In any case, the promotion has such a small chance of happening -- a goal must literally come at the right second -- but it's also one of those freak things that seems like it could happen more often. So, as if the Hawks' stellar play required any additional reasoning, there's another purpose for attending Hawks games this year: You could become a millionaire. Not bad, right?

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