Marinelli's Working for the Weekend

New Bears assistant already hard at work for next season.

No matter what he goes on to do with the Bears, Rod Marinelli will always be connected to the 0-16 Detroit Lions. He will always be connected with failure. He can sit and sulk about it, or he can get to work at his new job. Marinelli is choosing the latter.

He is diving headfirst into getting the Bears ready for the 2009 season, before the champions from the 2008 season are even crowned. Marinelli is already in his office, brushing up on Bear history by reading up on Papa Bear Halas, and studying video of the 2008 Bears defense. It shouldn't be hard for him to remember the strengths of the Bears since they pasted his Lions both times that they played, but still, Marinelli is studying.

He needs to do something to get over last season, and burying yourself in work is not an uncommon tactic. Marinelli has also leaned on some classic coachspeak:

“There are three ways to look at adversity: There are people who are in adversity and they don’t know they’re in it, so there’s no growth. There’s somebody who’s in adversity and fights it and they put their head down and they digress. And then you know you’re in adversity and you embrace it. You’re positive and you make the most out of everybody around it."

If that's true, then Marinelli is the most positive person on the planet. The team he is coming to coach will benefit from Marinelli's tough season with the Lions, which is ironic, as the Bears are part of the reason why Marinelli had such a tough season. Hopefully, Marinelli's studying, reading and positive attitude will be enough to turn the Bears into winners.

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