Cook County

Man Hospitalized After Being Mauled by Dogs, Police Say

The man was rushed to St. Bernard Hospital, according to police

A man walking in a South Side alley was brutally attacked by two dogs on Wednesday morning, according to Chicago police.

Police say that the man was walking in the 5900 block of South Marshfield at approximately 11 a.m. when two dogs escaped from a yard and began attacking him.

The man was taken to St. Bernard Hospital in stable condition, and the owner was issued seven citations by Chicago police. The dogs were relinquished to Animal Care and Control.

Witnesses say that a Cook County board-up worker saw what was happening to the man and tried to pull the dogs off of him, but was unsuccessful. The man started shooting the dogs with a nail gun to try to free the man, and finally emergency workers were able to get the dogs away from the victim.

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