Mad for Plaid Shirts

Hollywood designer Arnold Zimberg's shirts creating waves

Arnold Zimberg

Once you put it on, you’ll never want to take it off.

At least that’s what many people have to say about about Arnold Zimberg’s contemporary line of woven shirts for men (and a smaller collection for women.) The plaid button shirts have been flying off the shelves across the country in the past few months, despite their $150-$200 price tag.
Perhaps it's stars like Jessica Alba, Ashley Greene and Lauren Conrad that are upping the popularity of the line, or perhaps it’s the new take on an old classic (the plaid shirt that’s been around for an eternity is suddenly trendy) that’s making waves.
Either way, we want them. They’re cozy, casual, and look great with denim; in a nutshell, it’s the “laid-back luxury” look that epitomizes the West Coast -- and we like it.
Considering Zimberg worked in fashion houses like Givenchy and Valentino before creating his own brand, we’re not surprised he came up with something extraordinary.
But you don’t have to fly out to the pretentious West Coast to find them. Chicago superstar boutiques E Street Denim, Frances Heffernan, Syd Jerome and even Neiman Marcus have caught on to the trend. You’ll also find them at Mark Shale and Saks Fifth Avenue. And since Zimberg releases 12 new shirts every month, there’s always a new one to lust after.
Now your only challenge will be getting your hands on one before they’re all gone. Good luck with that one.
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