Luxbar to Debut LuxLounge

Gold Coast restaurants adds upscale lounge

It's an area affectionately known as the Viagra Triangle, but now there's a new reason to visit the area near Rush Street and Bellvue Place -- aside from ogling the silicone babes and the men who lust after them.

Luxbar (18 E Bellevue Place), one of our favorite Gold Coast spots to grab a bite and do some people watching, will unveil the LuxLounge on Saturday.

The lounge will be open from 10 p.m. - 2 a.m., and features in-house all-female DJs.

The renovated space features a 25-foot leather banquette, black leather lounge chairs and low tables. The DJs will have the ability to download special requests on the spot.

"We are creating an unfussy environment that maintains an upscale vibe," Director of Operations Gregg Horan says. "The girls will play music as if it's their own party and the front windows will all be open out to Bellevue so the energy will be really fun."

We're guessing the fellas are going to enjoy this scene, and the only rules are than no hats or tank tops are allowed.

You might also want to try to keep the ogling to a minimum.

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