Lupe’s Chicago Fiasco in Photos

Hometown rapper leaves hundreds of fans hanging.

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There's been a lot of semantics involved in whether Lupe Fiasco's Saturday night gig at the House of Blues was meant to be a show, a celebration, a party or just an appearance. But judging by his fans' reaction who bought tickets, they were expecting a concert, which is how it was billed.
The Chicago rapper, hot on the heels of his No. 1 album, Lasers, was supposed to hit the stage at around 9 p.m., but that's when the opening acts came on ...
... and performed for about an hour.
But after the opening acts left the stage at around 10 p.m., Lupe still didn't appear.
And his fans began to get restless, ...
... showing their disapproval by booing. It probably had something to do with the $32.50-$97.50 they paid for tickets. Some fans started throwing plastic bottles and other items around.
This dude didn't help matters much when he took to the mic and chastised the crowd for being "disrespectful." Needless to say, it made things worse.
Fiasco finally took the stage after midnight and performed.
Fiasco later took to his Twitter account and blamed the venue and the promoter for the snafu. He said the promoters "didn't stress to the public the fact that it was supposed to just be a party."
He also said via Twitter that he had to drive six hours to get to Chicago and ran out of gas in Springfield.
"I love my fans. I'm sorry u guys had to go thru some BS. Again me and my crew had NOTHING to do w/ how the event was ran or organized," Fiasco said via Twitter.
"But anyways my name was on it so I'll take the "L" and rest assured that it will NEVER EVER happen again."
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