Love Your Boots! Can I Have Them?

Lately, our mailbox has been overflowing with party invitations. (Yep, we are that popular.) Holiday parties, you assume? Not with these budget cuts. We’re talking about fashion swap parties. Ever been to one?

Basically, you invite a bunch of girls (we're pretty sure guys would NEVER do this) and ask them to bring items to swap.  It can be anything they’re willing to part with, from shoes to jewelry to skirts and tops.

The host then divides the items up by style, and often by price point. At the party, names are selected to choose an item. You go round and round until everyone has about the same number of items. Any leftover pieces can be donated to Goodwill or another charity.

Wine, music and free stuff. Pretty cool, right?

Just make sure to invite friends with good taste.

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