Looking Your Best This Holiday Season

Holiday Tips from the Pros

Nicole Jacob is the go-to makeup artist for many of the area's high-profile women. She was featured in W Magazine recently, and listed as "one to watch" and to "be prepared for waitlist status." You can find her at Chicago's Paul Rehder Salon (N. Rush St.). Her personal cosmetic line is fabulous!

Here's her tips:

  1. Please don't wear red lipstick just because of the holiday. It looks awful on most people.
  2. If you want to be festive with color, change your eyeliner. Blue, purple and grey are all great colors for now.
  3. The most important tip is MASCARA! There is no better way to say this. If you wear no makeup, light makeup or glam makeup---LOAD, LOAD, LOAD on the mascara. Everyone I’ve ever come across is always too light handed with this. We'll never beat Tammy Faye so don’t be scared. Even better for special evenings are fake lashes!
  4. Bronzer -- I think this is the most important product for winter. This is when we are the palest and need it the most.
  5. Lip gloss, lip gloss, LIP GLOSS! Every day all day. Makes us look younger at every age. Make sure it’s a light color—not too dark. I even wear it to bed. It makes me feel better.
  6. Always keep a clean brow—a well groomed brow gives a polished look.

Bonus Tip: During the winter we are extra dry. Use a drop of eye cream and mix it with your concealer and makeup under your eyes and on your face. Apply it with clean fingers because they add natural oil. It provides instant glow and moisture for the skin.

Charles Ifergan is my go-to guy for hairstyling. He has a world of knowledge that he has taught his wonderful staff, and now he is sharing his top holiday hair styling tips with you:

  1. Look like yourself. Do not have a hairstyle that makes you feel it is not you.
  2. Tease your regular hair style. It gives it more of a "party look."
  3. Even if you don't usually use hairspray, do it for that special night.
  4. Curls are big. On your next hair cut appointment, ask your stylist to show you how to make soft curls with your curling iron, or better yet, a flat iron.
  5. A hair ornament gives any hair style a festive look.

Stay tuned for more Holiday Tips from the Pros coming soon! God bless us everyone.

Candace Jordan is the 1976 "Playboy Bunny of the Year" and author of the blog CandidCandice.com and a contributor to the NBC Chicago Street Team Blog.

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