Someone's Been Looking in Your Window

Peeping Tom book pulls back Chicago's shades

Politically speaking, few would describe Chicago as transparent.

But photographer Michael Wolf's recently published book, "The Transparent City," is as revealing as the city can get as it peers into the windows and lives of Chicago's high-rise architecture with a voyeuristic lens.

The project, supported by the Museum of Contemporary Photography and U.S. Equities Realty, was born out of the condominium boom in the last several years. Wolf came to Chicago in 2007 as an artist-in-residence and began capturing unsuspecting people in their urban Chicago landscape. It is his first project to focus on an American city.

For those wanting to see the exhibit, you'll have to go to New York to look at the photos peering in the windows of Chicago's skyline. It opens Saturday and runs through January 21st at Aperture Gallery, 547 West 27th St. The book, co-published with the Museum of Contemporary Photography and Columbia College Chicago, is available through the Aperture Foundation.

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