Sure, eating locally grown grub at local restaurants tastes delicious, but gorge yourself too often and you'll find yourself less locavore than loca-poor.

The restos below plate some of the city's best offerings. They've provided their grub's origins, so when the mood strikes, you can create your own regional-seasonal feast.

The Pibil Sandwich from Xoco:


Like it's famous owner, Rick Bayless's newest joint, Xoco, is all about the local food movement. Its Pibil sandwich -- made with wood-roasted suckling pig with achiote, black beans, pickled onion and habanero salsa --  is nothing short of tantalizing.


Pork:  Maple Creek Farm, Yale, Michigan.
Beans:  Three Sisters Farm, Montague, Mass.
Bread:  La Briola Bakery, Oak Brook, Illinois.
Red Onions: Nichols Farm and Orchards, Morengo, Illinois. 

The Ribs from Marketplace:

Marketplace, which is located in Streeterville inside the Double Tree Hotel, is so proud of using locally grown foods in their dishes that they list the origins on their menu. Thier baby back ribs -- with coleslaw, corn and fries -- are a saucy example of local goodness.

Pork: Slagel Family Farm, Fairbury, Illinois.
Cabbage and Corn: Green City Market, Licoln Park -- Chicago, Illinois.

The Duo of Duck from Uncommon Ground:

As part of Chicago's official Slow Food Movement, Uncommon Ground has been serving up locally inspired dishes to Chicagoans since the late '90s. Co-owner Mike Cameron says: "local food is sort of our thing."  We recommend taking your time to savor the delicious Duo of Duck -- which includes duck confit wild rice, baby carrots, local cherry and cranberry sauce.


Duck: Maple Leaf Farm, Milford, Indiana
Cranberry:  Wetherby Farm, Warrens, Wisconsin
Cherry: Seedling Farm, South Haven, Michigan
Baby Carrots:  Green Acres Farm, Garrett, Indiana 

The Sloppy Drew at Drew's Eatery

Just because the food is part of a hip, counterculture movement doesn't mean it has to be all frou-frou. The Sloppy Drew at Drew's eatery is a perfect example of locally grown dish that your mom could make.


Beef: Black Earth Meat Market, Black Earth Wisconsin.

Temptation from Drew's Eatery:

Drew proves once again that sustainable foods need not be overthought. This simple Soy Dairy dessert is tasty and easy.


Soy: Chicago Soy Dairy, Lombard, Illinois.

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