Are You Ready For Some (Lingerie) Football?

Chicago Bliss will kick off season in fall of 2009

A new brand of football is ready to take over the scene in Chicago and it has nothing to do with the Bears finally finding a quarterback.

The Lingerie Football League is set to launch next fall, and one of the 10 teams in the league is the Chicago Bliss.

You may have seen the LFL's version of 7-on-7 full-contact tackle football on the pay-per-view halftime special during the Super Bowl over the past six years, but beginning September 4, 2009, the ladies will take to the field weekly, with games slated for Friday nights.

The team recently held a photo shoot at a downtown studio, where they insisted this is not a sideshow -- they're serious players.

"I think we're all intelligent beautiful women, but we also look for women who can sprint 20, 40 yard dash, and we're out there to play and out there to prove that not only guys can play football, we can too," defensive player Danielle Moinet said.

To add even more legitimacy to the team and league, former Chicago Bears wide receiver Dennis McKinnon will serve as the head coach of the Bliss.

Other teams in the league include the Los Angeles Temptation, Dallas Desire, Miami Caliente and San Diego Seduction. Sounds like a real rough bunch.

"I play defense and I love to hit -- love to hit hard," Moinet said. "We've had some minor injuries -- a lot of collarbone breaking, a lot of torn ligaments, nothing too extreme yet, but only because the Chicago Bliss hasn't started playing yet."

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