LiLo Takes the (Chicago) Cake

Celeb-worthy Chicago sweets


By now you've definitely heard that Lindsay Lohan and gal pal Samantha Ronson were in town this weekend.

But we bet you didn't know they ate cake -- a lot of cake -- while they were here. Here's where.

The on again, off again duo was spotted grubbing at River North hot spot HUB51 with a party of 8 that included Lindsay’s little sister Ali. They capped off their meal with HUB’s infamous “Martha’s Carrot Cake” in honor of Ronson’s recent 32nd birthday.  

That same evening, the sweet tooth struck them again while partying at Angels and Kings, when they were presented with Phoebe’s cupcakes -- heavenly chocolate concoctions with vanilla icing -- again in honor of Sam’s birthday.  

On Sunday night the sugar fest continued at Ronson’s Supra Sneaker Launch party at Angels and Kings where she spun from 12 to 2 am. Afterward, she was presented with a cake designed by Chicago's Angel Food Bakery  and baker extraordinaire Chef Stephanie Samuels. The cake was created to be a replica of Ronson's recently launched Supra sneaker line.
And, back at HUB, Lohan was all about the sweet talk. After eating the carrot cake, she went off on a tangent about her love for whipped cream -- she even puts it on her oatmeal.

Now you know.

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