Legendary City Nightclub Resurrects in the ‘Burbs

Stardust Opens in Downer's Grove

Before The Underground, Crimson Lounge or Rino existed, there was Stardust. And before Billy Dec, there was Reggie Benjamin. Stardust ruled the Chicago late-night scene in the 90s from its location on Halstead, where Rednofive currently resides.

Now Stardust and Benjamin have returned, albeit with a new vibe and a much different location -- Downers Grove (1211A Butterfield Rd.)

The new building, all 14,000 square feet of it, is a boutique, lounge and nightclub with room for a main dance area, VIP room and murder mystery dinner theatre, each with its own large bar area.

Aesthetically, the main room of the club has a laid-back Miami vibe doused in white and blue light, and on a recent evening, the DJ spun an upbeat mix of 80s hits.

The club aims to provide a complete experience, including a global menu, an omelet bar that is open until the late-night hours, and "Killer Dinners," an interactive murder mystery dinner on Fridays and Saturdays.

This weekend, club management is getting nostalgic with a Three's Company reunion that they hope will draw a crowd. Priscilla Barns, Joyce DeWitt and Richard Kline will all appear at the club on Saturday.

More information can be found at www.stardustchicago.com.

A magazine called Reggie Benjamin the "Sexiest Indian Alive." Click here to check out a podcast interview with Benjamin about his music and his new club.

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