New Store Offers Customized Handbags

Laudi Vidni opens up shop in Lincoln Park


Some may say there's too much shopping in Chicago, but we prefer to live by the adage that supply must meet demand. 

Which is why we're happy to see custom handbag designerLaudi Vidni

opening a new store right smack in the center of all the shopping action on Armitage Avenue.

The concept brings custom handbag design to a new level by allowing women to design their own purses in accordance with their needs, helping Chicago's women create more functional purses, one strap at a time.

Founders Laura Kofoid and Grace Tsao-Wu do more than just sell you a bag -- they make sure its perfect for you in every aspect of its creation, right on down to how it fits your body.

With eight different designs to choose from, women head to the store and select the type of handbag, strap length and every other inevitable detail to ensure the perfectly designed bag.

And, even cooler, all Laudi Vidni handbags are manufactured in Chicago.

How's that for custom Chicago creations?

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