Late Nights in Romania

Little Bucharest Bistro unveils late night menu

If you spent any time in a White Castle drive through recently, chances are it was after midnight and there was alcohol involved -- and chances are, you paid for it the next day.

We think it's time to step up your late night food game, and a new restaurant aims to give your stomach a helping hand.

Starting August 10, Little Bucharest Bistro (3661 N. Elston Ave.) will offer a late night menu featuring exclusive items along with popular dishes from the restaurant's dinner menu.

We're talking about pitas, flatbreads, desserts and fancy ethnic fair with names like Salata de Vineta (babba ghanoush style eggplant spread served with olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and garlic).

All of the food items are under $10, and will be available Wednesday through Saturday from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Wash it all down with half priced Romanian beer and wine by the glass and dance it off by grooving along to the live music. We've heard they've been known to start throwing plates around the place when the party starts bumpin'.

All of a sudden that sack of 10 isn't looking so good.

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