Lady Gaga Concert: What to Expect

What will the reigning pop princess pull out of her bag of tricks this weekend?

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Chicago fans gets a triple dose of Lady Gaga when the pop star takes to the stage at the Rosemont Theatre Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. If you're heading to the concert, upload your photos here. Meanwhile, here's what you can expect to see each night.
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Elaborate Routines: Lady Gaga channels pop stars such Madonna and even the Jackson siblings in her stage show. Expect plenty of simultaneous grinding, poppin' and lockin' this weekend.
Hats: As Imelda Marcus is to shoes, Lady Gaga is to the chapeau.
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Look-a-Likes: Lady Gaga has inspired a cult-like following of fans who mimic her unique style. Look for plenty of wigs and shades in the crowd this weekend.
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Familiar Songs: Expect to hear all the hits from 2009's "The Fame Monster" and 2008's "The Fame."
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Funky Fashion: Lady Gaga receives as much -- if not more -- attention for her crazy outfits. Let's see if she can outdo herself this weekend. You can also check out the Lady Gaga-inpired fashion show at Victor Hotel on Saturday.
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Fire: OK, so she's been there and done that with the burning piano at the American Music Awards, but we can all pray for a fiery encore this weekend.
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Over-the-Top Production: The concert was moved from the Chicago Theatre to Rosemont because of the size of the production. Needless to say, it better be a sight to behold.
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Skin: Gaga, a former burlesque dancer, isn't shy about showing off her body. Expect her to let it all hang out this weekend.
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Celebs Cameos: Lady Gaga has a lot of famous friends these days, like Dr. Dre. You can bet there'll be some familiar faces in the crowd, if not on stage.
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Masks: While we've finally got a glimpse of Lady Gaga's bare face over the past few months, she's still known for wearing odd-looking masks as part of her ensemble.
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Piano Woman: Reviews from earlier shows report that Lady Gaga doesn't spend a lot of time at the piano on stage during this tour, but you can always count on her to put her best foot forward.
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Flash: The lights coming from the crowd will surely compete with the lights on stage in terms of pure brightness and frequency. Heading to the concert? Upload your photos here.
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The Warm-Up Act: Musician Jason Derulo has the unenviable task of taking the stage before the woman everyone came to see. You can also check him out at the Lumen nightclub after-party.
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