Kobe as Wide Receiver Could Have Helped the Eagles

The Lakers have a huge game at home Monday night against LeBron James and the league-leading Cleveland Cavaliers. Since the questions about matching up with King James had been coming at Kobe Bryant since after Friday's game against the Magic -- and with his favorite football team playing in the NFC Championship game -- Kobe's thoughts turned to football after his team's practice on Sunday.

As far as he's concerned, Kobe would have no trouble playing in the NFL, and speculated how his presence might have been able to help the Eagles.

“I’d be a wide receiver,” said the 6-6, 205-pound Kobe Bryant. “I’d be a bad (man) too."

“No more red zone issue,” he explained. “Just throw it over the top. I’m (Randy) Mossin’ it.”

Of course, he'd want to play with Donovan McNabb, as opposed to one of his teammates -- Lamar Odom -- who also has said he could play football: at the quarterback position.

“If Lamar’s quarterback, I’m not playing. He’d try to run all the time, he ain’t got no arm. His arm ain’t strong enough.”

Kobe was then asked if he seriously believed he could play in the NFL, and he believes that he could.

“Of course,” he knew (for a fact). “Throw that ball up there, I’ll go get it. Knock my head off … I enjoy it, I love it.”

Obviously, this is simply wishful thinking and wild speculation on Bryant's part. But After a slow first half against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday where the Eagles managed just six points, the team probably would have been willing to take all of the help that they could get: even in the form of an NBA star wearing one of their uniforms.

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