Fast food restaurant offers grilled chicken on its menu

We're not sure of Colonel Sanders is rolling over in his grave, but there's a new chicken in town.

KFC is getting in touch with its unfried side by adding grilled chicken to the menu. The new menu item will be available in KFC stores beginning today.

The grilled chicken presented the need for the company to come up with a second secret recipe, this one "marinated and seasoned with a savory blend of six secret herbs and spices and slow-grilled to juicy perfection."

Custom-designed, patented ovens will also be used to make the grilled chicken.

Each piece of chicken will have between 70 to 180 calories and four to nine grams of fat, depending on the piece. The Original Recipe chicken packs between 110 to 370 calories and 7 to 21 grams of fat, depending on the piece. We won't even mention the Extra Crispy.

KFC locations will be handing out free pieces of grilled chicken on April 27 which they are dubbing "UNFry Day."

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