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Kanye West Visits Naperville Taco Shop

Kanye West stopped by a Naperville taco restaurant Thursday evening, according to the establishment’s Facebook post.

“Thank you Kanye West for visiting Pepe's and The Can today!” The Can Pepe’s Cantina wrote. “Glad to hear you love Pepe's as much as we do!”

West had chicken-stuffed tacos, Sandy Rocush, one of the eatery's owners, said in a brief phone interview. 

“It was very cool,” she said. “He came in, he had lunch, he played some pool, he was an amazing guy.”

The post racked up hundreds of likes and shares and nearly a hundred comments in just a few hours.

“… invite him to the next boys night,” one commenter wrote.

“I don’t (sic) like anything about the guy!” another commented. “But if he supports ribfest & the work of the exchange club I could be convinced.”

Many comments leaned political due to West making headlines after his vocal support for President Donald Trump and a recent visit to the Oval Office.

“(It was) very different from what people expected,” Rocush said of West's visit to Pepe's. 

In the photos shared by the restaurant, West posed with fans wearing his “Make America Great Again” hat and holding a pool cue.

Rocush said, despite West's polarizing political stances, the "vibe" he brought to the restaurant was positive and exciting.

A native of the Windy City, West said last month he was moving back to Chicago.

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